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Medical Simulation Collaboration Between CFPH and STRATUS officially kicked off


Since the signing of Strategic Collaboration Agreement between Chengdu First Peoples Hospital (CFPH) and Brigham Health International (BHI) on April 1, 2019, on June 3, 2019, as a crucial part of Phase One collaboration project, four medical simulation experts from STRATUS Simulation Center of Brigham and Womens Hospital, a teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical College paid a visit to CFPH, they are Prof. Charles Pozner, Executive Director, Dr. Roger Dias, Director of External Programs and Business Ventures, Dr. Andrew Eyre, Associate Programs Director and Dr. Deborah Navedo, Director of Education Programs.

On the Opening Ceremony, Mr. Xie Qiang, General Director of Chengdu Health Commission expressed his appreciation to STRATUS experts for their efforts in promoting international medical cooperation in Chengdu. While implementing Healthy Chengdu strategy, Chengdu will bring in more advanced philosophy, technologies and experiences on medical simulation. Mr. Xie Qiang expressed his hope that this cooperation will become the cradle of cultivating more medical professionals with strong clinical competence. Ms. Zhang Hong, Party Secretary also extended her anticipation of a successful cooperation in building the best simulation center in China to cultivate more qualified medical professionals to better serve our patients.

Prof. Charles Pozner, on his third trip to CFPH, also extended his appreciation for the support from Chengdu Health Commission, and all the efforts of CFPH leadership and staff. He said that with the concerted efforts, passions and diligence from both sides, a best simulation center is expected to be built in China. Dr. Roger Dias, Dr. Deborah Navedo and Dr. Andrew Eyre also expressed their firm confidence in the success of this cooperation.

Right after the Opening Ceremony, both sides conducted a heated discussion on the conceptual design, training process and function of the new simulation center of CFPH. A lot practical advices have been offered by Prof. Pozner and his teammates on practical needs, adaptability and flexibility of this new center.

As a world leader in medical simulation, STRATUS medical center is hoped to bring CFPH more new ideas and extensive experience in the process of the internationalization of CFPH.