Chengdu integrated western medicine hospital is a combination of Chinese and western medicine and western medicine.Founded in 1942, formerly known as "chengdu city hospital", is the first batch of "national key combine traditional Chinese and western medicine hospital", national "top hospital", national "baby-friendly hospital", is the national clinical training base in general medicine, clinical training base in general medicine, sichuan province, resident standardization training base in sichuan province and sichuan province resident standardization training base of TCM;National traditional Chinese medicine continues education and general medical training base, sichuan postdoctoral innovation practice base, sichuan province, chengdu continuing medical education base;Is the west China hospital of sichuan university, chengdu, chengdu university of traditional Chinese medicine combine traditional Chinese and western medicine hospital not straight establishing affiliated hospital, luzhou medical school chengdu combine traditional Chinese and western medicine college, north sichuan medical college affiliated first people's hospital of chengdu, for more than ten colleges and universities by the clinical teaching tasks and postgraduate education.

The hospital consists of the southern section of vientiane north road and the northern part of the red star road.Hospital covers an area of 83424 ㎡, the existing building area of 156047 ㎡.The beds were prepared in 1860.The hospital department has a complete set of departments, complete with complete categories, 26 first-class departments and 81 secondary departments.There are more than 2,500 working staff, including 320 senior titles.Postdoc, 112 doctor, master 400 people.There are 17 TCM doctors and 25 Chinese traditional Chinese medicine practitioners.The state council and the municipal government special allowance experts 16.Have 4 national key specialty (respiratory medicine, cardiovascular internal medicine, endocrinology, children's rehabilitation center), provincial key specialty 12 (respiratory medicine, cardiovascular internal medicine, endocrinology, children's rehabilitation center, acupuncture pharmaceutiacal market medicine, neurosurgery, general surgery, orthopedics, otolaryngology, oncology, ultrasound, geriatrics department of traditional Chinese medicine);The municipal major (technical) section 8 (respiratory, cardiovascular, endocrinology, hematology;Respiratory medicine, general surgery, otolaryngology, child rehabilitation center,National traditional Chinese medicine scientific research (level 2) laboratory 3 (respiratory pathology physiology laboratory, cardiovascular function laboratory, endocrine metabolism laboratory);"National famous Chinese medicine inheritance studio" 3 (national traditional Chinese medicine wang jing 'an, wang xiaodong, zhang yong inheritance studio);"Sichuan province famous Chinese medicine studio" 6 (jing 'an, wang xiaodong, lai yuqin, mou, chang zhenxiang, Chen fuan studio).Provincial center 2 (sichuan traditional Chinese medicine major disease control center)Seven of the medical quality control center (child care quality control center, endocrine quality control center, otolaryngology quality control center, the blood of internal quality control center, health, medical quality control center, ultrasonic medical quality control center, medical hyperbaric oxygen quality control center).

In the department of respiratory medicine, cardiovascular medicine, endocrinology, children's rehabilitation, traditional Chinese medicine "cure diseases", etc., it is in the leading position in the southwest region, with high industry influence and brand competitiveness.The "chengdu traditional Chinese medicine museum" is the most famous and prestigious medical center in western China, which has become a business card of chengdu.

In recent years, the hospital has obtained including "15", "11th five-year plan" "twelfth five-year" technological project planning projects, natural science foundation of China and other countries and 300 provincial and municipal key projects of science and technology, science and technology progress prize government entities at all levels more than 200, more than 10 apply for patents.

The hospital currently has a total of 400 million yuan worth of modern medical equipment, with a total assets of 2.72 billion yuan.Hospital scale, technical level, subject construction, talent and brand influence are among the best in the same hospital in the Midwest, the positive construction of match national central cities of the country's largest, most powerful, industry moving forward optimal combine traditional Chinese and western medicine hospital.